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3D Ultrasound Images – How Good They Can Be!

These were such great fetal 3D ultrasound images that I felt they should be posted again. They are representative of the best of the best!

You’ll see from the captions that this baby was 33 Weeks at the time of the scan. Just know this isn’t the norm! Most babies at this gestational age pose some difficulty because the head is typically pretty low at this point, and fluid begins to diminish a bit. However, this mom had polyhydramnios (or extra amniotic fluid), and baby had his own Olympic-sized pool! The additional fluid allowed better visualization of baby’s face which yielded these most beautiful pics!

In other words, Moms-to-be, the images you see below are an exception to the rule. The best time remains about 25-30 Weeks for most women.

Important Tip When Purchasing Fetal 3D Ultrasound Images

I’m super-focused on safety and educating you expectant Moms right now! I understand the popularity of elective ultrasound today, but be sure to do your research!

Because you don’t want just any images, at least ensure your sonographer is formally trained (that’s right – not all of these places employ real sonographers!). Look for certifying credentials like RDMS behind someone’s name. It doesn’t mean he or she has spent a career in OB or is registered in OB, but at least this person has received proper ultrasound training. DMS means that someone completed a formal ultrasound program, but has not yet passed a registry examination. Only trained sonographers know best how to construct an image, to optimize it with all our fancy knobs, and (most importantly!) to utilize the lowest power settings while scanning your precious little one!

You can read an important message from the AIUM (American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine) on the subject.

Enjoy! His mom and I sure had a fun time taking them:)

Email me with your great 3D images at wombviewerblog@gmail.com!

No paparazzi, please!

3D Ultrasound Images


Pucker up!

fetal 3D images 33 Weeks


Sleepy baby;) So sweet!

fetal 3D images 33 Weeks

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