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Baby Gender Guess – What Makes a Male Fetus Guess Easy?

The male fetus on ultrasound can be a pretty easy baby gender guess sometimes! As I’ve said before, trying to guess too early can be difficult because Baby is too small. This is true no matter whether you are having a girl or boy. It can be a lot like trying to determine whether a tiny moving bug has six legs or eight without a magnifying glass. You can guess, but you may very well be wrong. However, at 18 Weeks and later, very obvious male external genitalia can be very easy to see and also a pretty funny addition to your scan.

At 18 Weeks and later, obvious male external genitalia can be very easy to see and even add a bit of laughter to your scan, especially when he’s showing off! Poor guy…he has no idea just how much we’re invading his privacy!

A mom-to-be wrote me a while back asking me for a second opinion on her images. No problem! I love it when it’s this easy. Check out her images below.

male fetus male fetus

Can you easily see this baby gender is male? I wrote her back and annotated the first image like you see below.

baby gender guess - male fetus

Even though most people may be able to easily pick out boy parts on their images, it sometimes just doesn’t look like other boy images you’ve seen. Or maybe they look nothing like your other son’s images. This is understandable to me because it’s a different baby and a different angle. No two images are going to look exactly alike! Part of the reason for this is because we all look a little different, boy or girl, right?

As far as angle goes, your sonographer might obtain a total underside view where both femurs appear in the image. Maybe Baby bent a leg just when boy stuff could be seen the best allowing only one leg in your shot. Other angles might include a shot from Baby’s front or side. All of these angles will make the image look different and maybe even unrecognizable to you.

Some sonographers don’t really explain the image and only throw up an arrow pointing out what makes your baby gender a male or female. Don’t be afraid to ask if she can explain what’s on the screen. Most of the time, we don’t mind at all helping you understand!


Before signing off today, I want to say my book is now in the editing phase! I’m sure I’ll have some tweaking to do, but it is currently in some very capable hands. I know she’ll help me make it as enjoyable a read as I want to deliver to you (deliver…no pun intended!). I will keep you all posted as we get closer to publishing! As always, thanks for reading!

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  1. Amanda Cameron says:

    I cannot wait for your book!Everything you write is so interesting! I wish i had done something other than be a housewife because your job is so very intriguing! Good luck!

    • wwavblogger, RDMS wwavblogger says:

      Hi, Amanda! Thank you so much! And I cannot wait to put it out to the universe:) If you’re interested, please subscribe for automatic posts and a special something when my book is published (I don’t know exactly what that is yet-lol-but I want to do something for everyone on my email list!). Also, make no mistake about it..there is no shame in being a housewife! The work is NEVER done, is it? Especially if we have kids, there is no greater or more important job. That said, EVERYONE has a talent..take some free time to explore what that is, what you love, and turn it into a hobby or even your own business! Find your untapped potential:) Thanks for reading and the uplifting comments!

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