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Aw, shucks…there’s nothing better than when my patients ask for me!

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2nd Tri Facial Profile

If you’ve ever been to the hot and sticky…and beautiful…New Orleans, you might also be familiar with Mardi Gras and some of the best music ever. “They All Asked (pronounced “axt”) For You” by The Meters is one of my faves! If you’ve never been to ⚜️NOLA⚜️, add it to the bucket list now! You just gotta go for some of the best food and music anywhere in the world;)

Now for my topic of the day…

It makes my heart expand three sizes when a patient specifically asks for me to perform her ultrasound. Especially, when that patient is a physician. And her husband is a physician. And they are both super-intelligent. You have to guess that maybe you’re doing something right. I scanned them throughout their last pregnancy, and they wanted no one else for their second. They greeted me with hugs for every scan. We talk. They ask me questions about ultrasound, I answer. They thank me profusely, and declare “Sorry! You are stuck with us forever!” It’s a great feeling. Talk about the warm-and-fuzzies!

I was there for her miscarriages and when she was anxious at the start of her next pregnancy. I was there again when she needed weekly scans in her third trimester. “It’s not just another patient, it’s a relationship.” This  is a quote from one of my favorite docs. Patients like these reaffirm that we excel at what we do. We could all use this affirmation, couldn’t we?). They help justify the daily grind and remind us why we do what we do!

When someone says, “I can’t imagine anyone else doing my scans,” it’s the highest compliment a sonographer can receive. I sure don’t take it with a grain of salt. And suddenly, the ones who curse me when I can’t tell them their baby’s gender simply roll away like water off a duck’s back;)

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Holy cow. Another anatomy screen, another request to call someone, text someone, or seal in a special envelope the special results for your Gender Reveal party. The pressure is on! But David Copperfield, we sonographers are not. And since we can’t reach in there and rotate the little sweat pea, sometimes we just can’t deliver (no pun intended) on the gender surprise.

I hate when this happens! Mostly because they usually leave the room hating me. But what can we do?

I’m sure most of you are familiar with this event? Gender Reveal parties have become a big way to celebrate how parents, family, and friends find out the sex of their baby. I have to admit it’s a cute idea and must be totally fun, especially with all the creative ways expectant parents have discovered to broadcast the news. But a word of caution! Some patients schedule their party for the same night as their sonogram. And even though most people know gender cannot always be determined at the 18 – 20 Week scan, some still hope for the best and plan the party anyway.

Being able to determine the gender should never be a guess. We’ve all heard the stories from our patients…”My cousin, Martha, was told five times it was a boy until a girl popped out. It must have been the thumb or the cord in the way.”

I always tell patients either I’m sure or I just don’t know. Just tossing out a guess isn’t fair to the patient! And a 70% or 80% guess means your sonographer is just not very confident about that guess. Guessing leads to a return of the dearly beloved tutu for a football jersey. I simply do not want to be responsible for all the consequences that follow – especially the emotional ones for mom and dad or partner.

I will say, however, I have enjoyed taking a picture of cleverly annotated gender and wrapping it up in a peek-proof envelope for my patients. It’s a bit time-consuming in this age of electronic medical records, but we do understand the excitement that goes along with such a visit. I am so happy when I CAN share that with you!

I hope all sonographers do their best to give their patients gender information accurately, but in the event we can’t make this determination – don’t shoot the messenger. After all, even though you may say you want us to guess, you’d rather us be correct;)

I know it’s a bummer! But wait to schedule your party. And if Baby’s sex cannot be determined and you decide to visit an elective 3D non-medical business, please do your research! Be sure to ask if their sonographers are formally educated and not some random Joe Blow off the street. (Yes, it happens!) Look for RDMS or DMS credentials after his or her name.

Apparently, nobody likes yellow cake anymore. 🙁



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