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Funny Ultrasound Stories and the Kids they Belong To


Frequently, parents do bring their other kids in for the ultrasound experience. And, sometimes, this is a good decision. As a general rule, kids about four and over find it pretty interesting and ask a lot of questions. They seem to understand that it’s their soon-to-be new baby brother or sister in there…even if they don’t quite understand how he or she got there in the first place. Out of the mouths of these babes is where some truly funny ultrasound stories and comments come from. It’s a cool experience and a neat bonding moment all rolled up into one little prenatal package.

But First…What Makes for Not-So-Funny Ultrasound Stories?

A toddler can be a total nightmare for your ultrasound experience! If you are considering taking your two-year-old (or less) as a spectator for your diagnostic anatomy screen, please reconsider! I promise. Your small child has no clue what’s on the “TV” and is truly not interested. No matter how much you point to the monitor in an effort to catch his attention… He just wants his toys or nap or snacks. Otherwise, he may just want to run around the exam room (which we can’t allow because he may get hurt!). It’s completely understandable! He’s two, and running around is his world. Anyone with a toddler knows how upset they get when they are held against their will.

Often times, he cannot understand why this strange lady is touching his mom…and he is not okay with that. He’s protective and doesn’t understand that what’s taking place is not hurting Mom. This usually results in crying, not an amusing ultrasound story. Poor things, they get really distressed! At this point, your sonographer isn’t able to concentrate on your examination and you aren’t able to fully enjoy the baby that should be the center of attention. This is what you came for…a bonding experience with your new baby. Your spouse wants to relish the moment, too! The last thing your partner wants to do is to leave the room with your toddler.

*Advice! Bring a third party (friend, grandma, etc.) who can take
the child back to the waiting room if your child is loud or upset.

You’ll be happy you did!

Don’t Forget the Floaties

However, what is so entirely cute is when kids do become engaged in what is taking place. The questions and statements that follow make for some of the funniest and cutest ultrasound stories! I’ll share some with you.

My all-time favorite is this. Mom comes in with her five-year-old son. He’s kneeling next to her on a chair, his hand on her shoulder watching intently. He’s quietly supporting her…so sweet. I’m pointing out baby parts as the fetus lies very still, napping. Mom is explaining all the body parts and organs as we go along. Suddenly, Baby starts to wiggle around like a little jumping bean, and Big Brother’s eyes fly open. He asks, “What’s he doing in there?!” I replied, “He’s swimming!” He stares hard at the monitor. All is quiet. One second, two seconds go by and mom and I are eyeing his expression. He’s searching and searching. A look of confusion comes over his face, and his eyebrows knit together. Then he asks a very concerning and valid question. “But where are his floaties???”

More Funny Kid Comments

From the youngster who wasn’t so happy about the strange little human in his house… When someone asked, “What’s your new baby brother’s name?” His reply? “Stupidhead.”

A seven-year-old big brother was very excited about his little sister and the state of her health. As I pointed out her spine on the moniter, he exclaimed “It’s a good thing she has one!”

Kids were always fascinated with the appearance of the fetal spine. Frequent comments were that it looked like alligator or dinosaur teeth.

A comment from a big sister: “Does he have clothes on in there?”

Two adolescent boys, about 12 and 10 years old, crossed fingers and squeezed their eyes closed in anticipation of sex determination of their new baby on the way. I froze the iconic image of little brother parts and broke the news. They squealed and cried, “NO! NO! NO! It can’t be! IT HAS TO BE A SISTER!” Poor little guys. They cried inconsolably for the entire remainder of the exam.

When a mom explained to her young son that he was going to have a little sister, he examined the ultrasound image with a very perplexed look and asked, “So, where is her pee pee?”

And last, but not least… Mom planted her feet in stirrups. As I began to insert the vaginal probe for her first-trimester scan, her very inquisitive four-year-old refused to sit in the chair next to her mother as commanded. Curiosity forced her to continually peek under the drape with confusion, and we couldn’t help but giggle with all her questions. “What’s she putting in your tootie, Mommy?” “Mommy, what’s she doing?” “What’s that thing in your tootie, Mommy?” …You get the picture. Now, that is funny.

Share Your Funny Stories!

We all could use a good laugh, couldn’t we? I know you moms have some hilarious moments to share, so please email them to I’d love to share them with other moms around the world, too!

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It’s time for a post of the comical persuasion. I love those and they seem to sprout up all too infrequently in this business!

Kids, being some of the funniest people I know, also sometimes bring along their humor in the form of complete innocence as only untarnished young humans can do. Yes, more often than not they show off their bad-assness but those are usually the ones who haven’t yet mastered the English language (heck, there are many adults who haven’t accomplished that) but who have learned they can scream to be held or put down as only toddlers typically do. Those precious little peeps, as I’ve posted before, are better left with a sitter at home or anywhere than in my exam room:)

So, the other day as I’m scanning Mom, her son is watching intently. He is about five – and the perfect age to really get something out of his baby brother’s ultrasound. This baby was SO active that it was a little challenge to measure or image certain parts. Imagine chasing a moving target or that shooting game you see when the fair is in town. That’s a bit how scanning a busy baby feels when my caffeine level needs a boost.

A side note here – some patients will actually go on a sugar binge or leave no carb uneaten at the brilliant advice of some friend who said it would make the baby move more, thereby allowing us to more easily identify fetal sex. For the reason listed above, I do not recommend this! The only thing worse than a moving target in the 3rd trimester is a much smaller moving target in the 2nd. And though it is true a fetus that won’t move makes it difficult to determine sex, one that won’t stop bouncing off the walls long enough to get a good look doesn’t help, either.

Usually, when I’ve spent a little time chasing Baby around the uterus, I’ll sometimes make a comment about it like, “Wow, Baby is a little wiggle worm in there today!” or “Baby is running a marathon!” This day I made the wiggle worm correlation. Mom chuckled. Son was silent a few seconds. Then, with a very perplexed wrinkling of the face, he very sweetly and innocently asked, “How did a worm get in there?” 😂

Mom and I had a good laugh and Big Brother got a little explanation of the expression. I’m still not sure he understood the comparison, though. Hopefully, he hasn’t had nightmares about meeting his baby for the first time and seeing a swaddled chubby little worm peeking out instead!

If you have a funny such story to share, please email me,, and share! Those pint-sized people know how to keep us in stitches, don’t they?!

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