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Expectant parents who pay for elective ultrasounds at a nearby drive-through may not get exactly what they are seeking – a definite on the fetal gender front. Take my reader in today’s post, for example. She was 16 Weeks pregnant. Even though guessing sex proves not the impossible task on every 16-Weeker, it is difficult on most that age. My best advice comes down to waiting for the sake of accuracy – the exact opposite of what any anxious mom wants to do. Elective ultrasounds – is it really worth the money? Here’s one reader’s experience who probably will beg to differ.

One Mom’s Email About Elective Ultrasounds

Mom:  Got this elective ultrasound done at 16w2d – sonographer said she was 80% sure girl but had a hard time finding this shot. Just felt like she was throwing something out there for us to go on. She also reminded us that it was early, and I should wait until my 20 Week scan to be sure before buying pink. Well, because of the holidays, I can’t get in until after the New Year to do my scan at 22+ Weeks, and it’s driving me crazy now. I spent $100 on this for her to tell me 80%. I’ve been looking at other pictures and reading and just wondering what you think.  THANK YOU SO MUCH!

elective ultrasounds, 16 weeks pregnant

wwavb:  Thanks for reading my blog and for your question! First of all, and this is just my professional opinion, no one should be offering gender determination scans at 16 Weeks. She’s absolutely right…it is early, so it would have been better to explain this first and then recommend you wait a couple of weeks more for the best chance of determination.

No one can guarantee gender 100% at any gestational age (NOTHING in medicine is 100%), especially not at 16 Weeks. It’s not that you can’t ever make a determination at 16 Weeks. But it’s definitely harder than at 20 or 22 Weeks (providing Baby cooperates!). Also, I never give percentages. Either I can tell or I can’t. No guessing! When a patient asks me to guess I always say, “Do you want me to guess or do you want me to be right?”

I can tell you that ultrasound is tricky! Trying to determine sex from someone else’s frozen shot without scanning you real-time is only a guess. Your sonographer should not have added the annotation of girl then tell you to wait for the next scan. She probably felt it was a girl and just didn’t want to commit due to your gestational age. What the image demonstrates where the arrow is pointed LOOKS like three little white lines. I would say this appearance resembles female genitalia. So, based solely on the image, I would have to say Team Pink has it.


The best advice I can give anyone in these circumstances is to buy pink if you really want to start shopping. However, keep the receipts and hold off on painting a nursery until your diagnostic scan can confidently confirm! I personally don’t want to guess incorrectly. Furthermore, I don’t want to cause anyone the distress moms feel when someone guesses incorrectly.

It’s too bad these guys don’t feel the same. If they did, they wouldn’t scan their customers at 12 Weeks. In the whole baby game, is it fair to charge someone any price for something you can’t guarantee? Or is it highway robbery because you advertise that you can?


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Can we see boy or girl at 14 Weeks? For most people, the answer is no, and I personally would not recommend someone pay for a scan at that age for the attempt. But 14 Week gender on my patient and friend appeared pretty clear! It was still a guess, but we were hopefully confident.

In these images you’ll see our twins and what I guessed their gender to be at this point. I’ll give you a hint…I was right! Take a close look at these images, and you’ll see the difference for yourself.

This is a shot of each baby’s bottom, so this is all you can see on the image. On Baby A, you see three little white lines. On Baby B, you can see a little something sticking out. So, what is YOUR baby? Upload your images to share!

Both babies…can you guess?









Look below…did you guess correctly?






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Your’re 12 Weeks pregnant! And so is the uterus below:) Everyone has just worked so hard to get to this point…so much growing and developing! The twins are 12w1d now, fully formed and just have to keep growing from this point. They really look like babies now and not so much the alien they used to resemble. Tiny hands and feet are distinctly recognizable now as you can see in the photos below. Awww!

Some organs can be seen at this point like the stomach as it fills due to baby’s swallowing of the amniotic fluid and the urinary bladder as it becomes more distended due to functioning kidneys. The stomach and bladder appear as black because fluid shows up black on ultrasound. The brain can be seen but is still developing at this point and the heart is a beating machine but still too small to see much detail. All of these things and more will be evaluated around the 18-20wk timeframe or as your doctor orders.

Notice, in the image of the itsy-bitsy bottom of the foot, the scale in centimeters on the right-hand side. The foot measures about 1cm or less than 1/2 an inch right now!

Baby A is showing off today and waving to Mom. Bye-bye ’til next visit!

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What can you expect to see at 11 Weeks?

At 11 Weeks pregnant, take a look at what you should expect to see by ultrasound!


11 Weeks pregnant

11 Weeks pregnant


These images depict Baby B at 11 Weeks! Both babies are slightly bigger = about 4.3 cm now or almost two inches! The second trimester starts at 14 Weeks. So, the first trimester, thought of as the most crucial one for growth and development, is nearly over. Babies can be seen doing a lot of quick jerky movements at this point. They can be quite active and actually mimic little jumping beans! In the second image, you can see little legs quite distinctly.


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