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What Can We See on Your 8 Week Ultrasound?

First, a Peek at Week 7

In the last post, two babies were finally seen, both measuring about the same at 6 Weeks with great cardiac activity! So let’s check out a few changes. The images below are of the twin embryos on a 7 week ultrasound and 8 week ultrasound.

7 Week embryos, 7 Weeks pregnant, 7 Week ultrasound

You don’t really need a measurement here to see how much bigger they look compared to just one week prior! You’ll notice that the gestational sacs are bigger, too. The yolk sacs keep the same general size and appearance, although they are not pictured here.


Since I didn’t have much to post about Week 7, let’s skip ahead a little and look at your embryo at the 8 week ultrasound, also!

8 Week ultrasound

8 Week Fetus

Can you believe the difference in just 13 days? Baby A is a whole 12mm bigger! The more round area on the right-hand side is Baby’s head. We can even make out little arm buds, and the little white lines you see on each side of Baby represents part of the developing amnion (or sac of fluid around Baby).


Now check out Baby B below!

8 week fetus, 8 Weeks pregnant, 8 Week ultrasound

Baby B is now a whopping 13mm bigger! What an animal!


8 Week twins, 8 Week ultrasound, 8 Weeks pregnant

The changes seen every week of the first trimester are really quite unbelievable and it truly is one of the most favorite aspects of my job. I love it! It makes me realize what a privilege and honor it is to be able to catch a glimpse into this incredible universe on a regular basis.

One day they’re 3mm; you blink, and they’re driving! Our kids just grow up so fast! (sniff, sniff)

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Ultrasound – One Mom’s Opinion

I love receiving uplifting emails from readers! Your positive feedback inspires me to continue blogging and to look for more ways to inform you about your fetus and you! Accurate ultrasound information and the safety facts that you need to know for the health of mom and baby make up my highest priority for my blog!

facial profile, 18 Weeks pregnant, ultrasound

Additionally, your questions offer great content to share with other readers. I encourage all my readers (subscribers or not) to share your ultrasound stories, comments, images, photos of your fetus, and ultrasound questions at Furthermore, your experience may even help another mom-to-be with her search. I hope you’ll read, enjoy, and subscribe to my blog to find answers for all your ultrasound questions!

An Ultrasound Opinion from One Fellow Healthcare Worker to Another

nurse and mom-to-be:  Hello!! I must say I love your blog and wit!! Patients are so lucky to have such a skilled sonographer like you. I must say I’ve experienced both. My last one we met  (18 Week ultrasound) was great, 20+ years experience and worked with higher-acuity patients, too. She respected our wishes and wrote down the sex with a picture for us to open later. She asked us to leave the room so she could analyze the image. We also asked her track record and she says she does not reveal if not sure. She labeled every body part for us and thoroughly educated us, as I’m sure you do, too!! I’ve been a nurse for 10 years so I can only imagine the questions you get!  Love the idea of your site – you really utilize your talent and help us crazy pregnant ladies!!

Best wishes and I’m now a subscriber (and huge fan), yay!

wwavb:  Hi! Thank you so much for reading and your kind words! AWESOME!! I’ve worked two years on content, and I would love to make my site into a book one day!!  I think it would be an entertaining read for anyone and a great shower gift for new moms:) Your great feedback was a great Mother’s Day gift, by the way!

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Early Sex Determination

I find it comical when people ask me my opinion about gender and then don’t believe it. Especially regarding too-early sex determination. They keep asking. And asking. But too early is just. It just leaves too much room for error!

Fetal sex is not well-developed until about 17 Weeks. In fact, too early in the pregnancy, they both have itty bitty parts that stick out and can all look the same. That said, 12 Weeks is way too soon.

Read the emails from the grandma-to-be below who didn’t want to take “it’s too early” for an answer!

g-ma:  Hi, I subscribed to your blog. I love it. These are my grandbaby at 12 weeks 2 days. Any guesses? The baby’s legs were crossed at the 16 Week ultrasound.

12 Week Fetus, early sex determination

12 Week Fetus

12 Week Fetus, early sex determination

12 Week Fetus


wwavb:  Hi! And thanks for reading and subscribing! So glad you are enjoying the info!

Okay, so if you’ve read any of my posts on the subject, you know that guessing at 12 Weeks is like flipping a coin. Just too early. An accurate guess can be made at 18 Weeks IF baby is cooperating! Any guess any earlier is simply a guess, and I just wouldn’t invest in paint!

Best wishes for a healthy grandbaby!

g-ma:  Thank you for your response! It’s just driving me crazy wondering what those two white ovals are between the legs. Doesn’t look girl or boy. Could it be fingers or an umbilical cord?

wwavb:  It’s definitely external genitalia, but boys and girls look the same at that age! Over the next several weeks, girl stuff shrinks to form labia and all her girly parts; boy parts get bigger to form the scrotal sac and penis. It’s all still developing on the outside even though chromosomally it’s already determined on the inside.

g-ma:  Thanks for being so helpful. I would think it’s a boy for sure if it’s genitalia! But, not if they look alike at 12 Weeks.

 wwavb:  Sounds like you’re not too far off from finding out. Happy shopping!
g-ma:  Really…No guesses? I know it would be a guess. I thought the pics looked pretty clear. Everyone thought boy.
This grandma earned a spot in my post for her persistence! But it doesn’t change the facts. The professional verdict was not boy or girl but too early to know. It’s just not all formed yet!
People have a tendency to believe only what they can see or understand. As long as sonographers guess too early and continue to be wrong, I will have to persistently defend my stance on “too early” until the cows come home. It’s especially difficult when someone else delivers a “beyond sure” pink or blue guess to excited expectant families.
I’ll say it again. Weeks 12 – 15 are just too early for a guess that’s accurate enought to invest in paint – unless you’re going yellow!
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Baby Talk – Taking Mom to Your Ultrasound Scan

Taking Mom to your ultrasound scan can be quite the experience – for you, your spouse, and even your sonographer!

Nana’s in the House

It always cracks me up when grandmothers-to-be come in for a sonogram visit! They tell you how excited they are, that this is the first time seeing their grandbaby, and they just can’t wait for the movie to commence. I begin my examination, and the funniest part of this whole experience starts – they talk to their grandchild as if he or she is already here.

In her best baby voice, you know the one, Nana begins her long-awaited conversation. And it’s hilarious. “Come on, turn for Grandma. Let’s see your precious little face…come on, come on!” as she pokes Mom’s belly.

I think at some point she forgets that there are only adults in the room, and she continues her entire conversation for the duration of the scan. “Nana came just to see you today. She had such a long flight, and mommy has that room all ready, and we all just can’t wait for this baby to get here! It’s so cute, yes it is, yes it is. Let Granny see that baby. Oh, look at that little ear. Oh, those toes are just so precious. Can we tell what baby weighs, today? It’s Granny’s precious baby…” I giggle a little and glance at Mom and Dad. They look back at me and both roll their eyes! (LOL)


ultrasound scan

Embryo, Week 9

Hmm, I’m not sure this 9 Week fetus can hear Nana yet, but she’s not giving up. Boy, this is going to be one long pregnancy!

Should Mom Have Stayed Home?

I realize this may be a topic of debate between parents – maybe even a heated one. I agree the scan by nature is a private and personal event. That said, some want their ultrasound scan  to maintain a private feel initially, only bringing in family once all appears okay. I have to admit that this is not a bad policy to adopt!

Keep in mind I’m still trying to do my job and am undeniably distracted, but you gotta love Grams! She’ll teach your kid all kinds of great things, spoil her a little (or a lot), and provide unsolicited advice for child-rearing for the rest of your life! Okay, so maybe you can do without the last. I just hope I won’t be that kind of pain in the ass for my daughters during their ultrasounds one day!

Truthfully? I’ll be worse – I’m sure I’ll tell that poor sonographer how to do her job. Then I’ll be the Nana getting kicked out of the room!

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