9 Week Embryo on Ultrasound

A Mother’s Day Wish

My blog is nothing without paying homage to the celebration of life and the incredible women who help to create it!  Hopefully, you are training them right. Because you have a little one on the way, you deserve breakfast in bed and whatever else you command with the tinkle of your handy-dandy little bell (or foghorn, whichever your prefer). All moms deserve to kick back from time to time – and this day is one of those times! Let’s talk about what we can expect to see in a 9 Week embryo.

The 9 Week Embryo

Below is a 3D image of a 9 Week embryo:

9 Week embryo in 3D, 9 week embryo

You can see little arm buds and leg buds getting bigger. What looks like a tiny lump on the top of the belly is just part of the cord.

Below is a 2D image of a 9 Week embryo:

9 Week embryo in 2D

Baby is upside down here, and you can see from the dimension taken that it is measuring just about a whole inch now!

A scan at this gestational age will very likely be performed transvaginally. At least, this method will provide the best image, by far!

Below is a video of the kind of movement you might see at Week 9: Movement at Week 9

Pretty amazing, right?

I don’t think it’s too much to ask to spend one day a year sans the multiple hats that come with motherhood … chef, chauffeur, maid, teacher, referee (for those of you blessed with more than one little angel). It’s the most difficult, most enjoyable, and most important job any woman will ever have. Shaping and molding our future generation of leaders is no small task! And it’s a pretty exhausting one, too.

To carry them (or not!), raise them, care for them, discipline them, and love them defines us as Mothers. Any woman who puts her all into this job deserves to spend this day any way she pleases! Enjoy it! And for those first-time moms-to-be … relish the peace and quiet now–while you still can! 😉

If you want to see a post about our embryos at Weeks 7 and 8, just click the link.

Thank you to all moms for reading and subscribing!

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