Male Sonogram But Wishing For Pink

Is it Pink or Blue?

Are male sonogram images always easier to read than girls? Not when they aren’t great images to start. And especially not for some moms who have always dreamed of buying pink! Here’s an email from a reader who was really hoping for some estrogen in the family after two boys. Sometimes, wishful thinking prevents us from seeing what is really there.

Email from Mom KB:

kb:  At my 17-Week ultrasound, the tech took a photo saying the baby was a boy pointing to what is clearly the foot between the legs. She also said the umbilical cord was between the legs.

male sonogram, 17 Weeks pregnant

kb’s 1st pic at 17 Weeks

At my 21-Week ultrasound, the baby was breech with cord between the legs. When asked what we thought, we saw two lines and nothing else . . . so, we guessed girl. In the next view, she said boy.

male sonogram, 21 Weeks pregnant

kb’s pic at 21 Weeks

Where the tech called a penis looks like a foot to me. I have two boys already, and you could see the scotum and tip clearly. I feel different and not even pregnant. The heart rate was 170, 171, 157. I can’t shake that it’s a girl. Am I wrong and just hoping? What do you think?

wwavb:  Hmm, what do I think…

Well, as far as “feeling” different goes, each pregnancy is a different universe in and of itself. The way you feel with one pregnancy has nothing to do with how you “feel” in another. People historically want to contribute that difference to gender, but there just is no relevance there. And Baby’s heart rate can vary quite a bit, just as ours does with respect to fetal activity. So, you can’t go by that, either.

It’s entirely possible that your sonographer could tell it was a boy, but it wasn’t clear to you because the cord was in the way. It’s also possible that you just want a girl so much that it’s hard for you to really “see” boy parts in the image.

(I labeled the images she sent–see below.)

The first image isn’t very clear. But see the labels for the second image. No foot here! Where I have the arrows of the legs, you are only seeing part of the thighs. The rest of the legs and feet are not in the image.

male sonogram, 21 Weeks pregnant

male sonogram, 21 Weeks pregnant

kb:  I don’t see the scotum because she said the cord was between the legs.

male sonogram, male gender

wwavb:  Holy cow, this is totally a boy! All boy! See my edited image attached below . . .

male sonogram, male gender

Congrats! 😉 I always say it takes a special woman to be a mom of all boys! Little boys love their mamas, and you have the perfect opportunity to teach them to be loving, respectful, and helpful to their future wives. Your daughters-in-law will thank you!


Patients have a really hard time believing their eyes in a male sonogram image if all they want to do is shop for frilly dresses! However, I do stand by my advice to her–we women have a unique opportunity to instill great character in our little boys.

Chivalry doesn’t have to be dead!

To conclude, all mamas should teach their sweet little boys to hold open doors and show respect to the next generation of women. Not only can you teach him to respect all the future women in his life–his girlfriends, his wife, and potential daughters–but one more very important woman who is arguably the most important of all.


Best wishes to all you moms out there of all boys!

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