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3rd Trimester Feet!

Got Some Precious Ultrasound Images?

Okay, so what do all you moms-to-be out there do before Baby gets here? Show off your great ultrasound images, right?!

Well, I’d love to see them, too. Email me those shots near and dear to your heart, and show off your little punkin’ to the world at the same time. Baby’s face, profile, 2D, 3D, hands, feet, or even your 4D video clips would all be perfect to post. And if you also have great shots of male or female fetal sex, send those, too!

I’ve personally taken some really great pics over the years. Baby yawning, sticking out the tongue, puckering those lips, and even flipping the bird! Who doesn’t love a cute set of baby toes? How about a ton of hair? If you got it, flaunt it! We moms like to brag on our cute kids, so it may as well start before they even get here.

(Full disclosure! Uploading your images means you consent to my using them for promotion of my blog or future books. As always, I keep your privacy private omitting all identifying info. Can’t wait to see them!)

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3D Scan Images

Factors That Will Hinder Your 3D Scan Images

Not everyone makes a great candidate for a 3D scan. Firstly, a great pocket of amniotic fluid in front of Baby’s face and Baby facing up toward mom’s belly are two very important variables. Ultrasound is full of limitations. Some factors that will hinder 3D images are maternal, some fetal as described below:

  • A fetus facing mom’s back (we can’t scan through mom’s back!) Like this:

breech fetus, prone fetus, ultrasound pictures

  • A fetus with the face buried into the placenta or uterine wall (we need fluid there to see well) This won’t work:

ultrasound pictures, fetal profile

  • An anterior placenta (if Baby is looking up, a front-side placenta gets in the way) Again, like the images above and below.

  • Limbs or cord directly in front of the face (again, anything but fluid obscures the view)
  • Too much weight around Mom’s middle (the laws of Physics tell us the image will be fuzzy)
  • Decreased amniotic fluid (fluid helps sound waves travel)
  • Late gestational age (a bigger baby takes up more space, less room for fluid)
  • A very low or engaged fetal head in the pelvis (little room for fluid in front of the face)

What We Can Try to Obtain Better 3D Scan Images

If the limitations are positional, we can roll mom to one side or push around a little. Sometimes, this does help! However, many times Baby is quite comfortable and has no desire to change position, even if it’s just an arm over the face. The farther along you are, the less likely baby will make big rolling moves. This is why 26-28 Weeks is the best time for 3D scan. A much earlier scan makes Baby look too skeletal because he or she doesn’t yet have enough body fat!

All the other factors are some we cannot alter. An anterior placenta and/or more weight around Mom’s middle means the sound has to travel further. The resulting image can look grainy or with an out-of-focus appearance. And too little fluid limits visualization overall. Even if baby has lots of fluid by his or her butt, very little in front of the face will still yield a limited 3D image.

The above are just a few tidbits of useful info to keep in mind before going for your 3D elective or entertainment scan. The link is a warning from AIUM (American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine) about these types of scans. Be sure to make sure your sonographer has been formally educated! Look for RDMS or DMS after your sonographer’s name.

We cannot ever predict whether your baby will work with us on the big day, so do inquire as to the facility’s policies in advance in case of a stubborn fetus! In the meantime, enjoy these below from a very cooperative little one indeed:)

3D ultrasound images, third trimester


3d scan image

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