Video of Diagnostic Ultrasound

To Video or Not to Video Your Ultrasound?

That is the question. Depending on the facility where your exam is performed, the decision to take a video of your diagnostic ultrasound may not be left up to you. If your fetus doesn’t have one of these in there …

video of diagnostic ultrasound

… you may not be able to, either.

You might not like it very much, but your doctor’s office or other medical facility performing your diagnostic scan may have policies against it. And, boy, have I had my share of disgruntled patients because of it.

Why Can’t I Video My Diagnostic Ultrasound?

The answer is plain and simple.

In the modern-day world of social media, doctors and administration alike don’t want any part of an unread examination floating about the web. Exams aren’t read by a physician until the scanning portion is complete. Unfortunately, in the litigious U.S., they must take certain precautions to protect their examinations. And, yes. It is your baby, but the exam itself legally belongs to them.

Regardless of the medical implications, these policies just drive the pregnant population to private scans. If you’re an avid reader of mine, you know I’m not a fan. I think it’s always better to have any ultrasounds with your doc’s office (or other facility recommended by her/him).

Another option to consider is to simply ask your physician if he/she will allow you to record the heartbeat while listening with the doppler. Maybe your doc will be the one performing a scan; it doesn’t hurt to just ask. Usually, they don’t mind, and they make the rules for their practice. We sonographers just have to enforce them!

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