Third Trimester Male Gender

Male Gender Pics–As Clear As It Gets

Today’s message is short and sweet. Third-trimester male gender can be so easy to see–most of the time! However, we still have to deal with all the other factors that can limit views … like a decrease in amniotic fluid (which naturally occurs) and a much bigger baby than what you saw in the 2nd Trimester during your anatomy screen. The combo usually means Baby’s butt is squeezed up against the uterine wall.

And if Baby is breech? You can probably forget about getting another gender confirmation. We have a hard enough time seeing anything crammed down low in your pelvis. A full-grown fetus is no exception!

So, if it’s a great “turtle shot” you wanna see, look no further than the one below. This baby boy is 37 Weeks here.

third trimester male gender, 3rd trimester male gender

Even though I do not believe this image requires annotation, I’ve labeled all the parts so as to avoid confusion for some. In other words, this pic represents about as clear as an ultrasound image can get! The side view of these parts creates the idea of a “turtle.” Can you see it here? The scrotal sac would be the turtle’s shell, and the penis would represent the turtle sticking out of his shell. Either way, it’s a perfect pic of boy stuff.

One of the testicles can be seen here as a brighter gray and rounded area inside the scrotal sac. The penis, well, I do believe it speaks for itself. Now that doesn’t really need arrows now, does it?

If you’re 37 Weeks, hang in there, Mom!

Best wishes for an easy peasy labor & delivery!

<<<Just Ask Me if you have any other questions about ultrasound. 🙂

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